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Why should I clean my trash cans?

Your trash cans harbor bacteria and viruses that are harmful to you and your family. The smells generated by these organisms can reach dizzying proportions. These smells also attract insects and rodents. Bin Blasterz eliminates these problems with our garbage bin cleaning services. If you have to leave your cans inside your garage (most Homeowners Associations), you already know how bad they can smell. HOA’s love this service and so do the homeowners. If you just use water you are not killing the bacteria you are simply giving them a bath! We kill 99.9% by using 205-degree water and biodegradable cleaners to ensure that your can has been sanitized and deodorized.

How often will my trash cans be serviced?

In colder climates, such as NEPa, your trash cans will not be serviced during the winter months. When you choose quarterly cleanings, we will service your cans for 3 quarters out of the year. Similarly, with monthly cleanings we will service your cans for 10 months out of the year. Typically no service is done between Thanksgiving Day and Valentines Day. You are only charged for scheduled visits.

What are you waiting for?

Interested in our service?

Get in-touch with us and set up a cleaning schedule. We offer multiple service plans to fit your individual needs. We come the day of, and day after trash pick-up days to ensure your bins and containers are always cleaned.

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