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How It Works

It really can’t get any easier. Your trash bin cleaning service starts with a scheduled pickup time and location. Our trucks wash your bins on the spot, so our customers don’t have to wait for a return time. Our trucks can clean both dumpsters and bins simultaneously which makes your trash bin cleaning experience quick and easy.

Bin Blasterz - Before & After.png


Step One

We arrive on your premises, and prepare your bins for cleaning on our fully automated truck. The bins are placed on the truck’s hydraulic lift, where they will be raised into the high-pressure washing hopper.


Your bins are then lifted into our self-contained cleaning unit; the rotating high-pressure jets blast your bins with hot water and our eco-friendly cleaning solutions, killing bacteria and disinfecting them. All water used in the cleaning cycle is recaptured into our reclamation unit, which prevents wastewater run-off that often occurs when cleaning them with a hose in your driveway.

Step Two

bbtest copy.jpg


Step Three

The hydraulic lift lowers your bins to where they are given a sanitation treatment inside and out, and are deodorized. Your bins are then returned to your property sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Step Four

Once our reclamation tanks are filled with used and recaptured water from our wash cycles, we transport it to a local water reclamation or treatment facility.


What are you waiting for?

Interested in our service?

Get in-touch with us and set up a cleaning schedule. We offer multiple service plans to fit your individual needs. We come the day of, and day after trash pick-up days to ensure your bins and containers are always cleaned.

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